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Tina Martin

Fine Artist

Tina Martin

Fine Artist

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The Lane

The Lane paintings are based on a lane near where I live, which I had to walk up in all weathers and light conditions. I came to look forward to this walk, particularly the section at the top, which had been a road but is now used by pedestrians only.

So started a series of oil paintings and watercolours that seemed to represent more than the actual place. Often I was travelling from dark areas with the light ahead, and within the paintings it came to represent the passage of life, travelling through areas of darkness but always aiming at the light ahead.

I am interested in the image of pathways as a metaphor of the journey of life, sometimes travelling through dark or light areas, but always aiming towards the light ahead. The light is very inspiring to me, creating a magical sensation – I felt connected to the spirit of place there.

The lane continues to fascinate and inspire me.

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